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Research Articles

- Choo, H.J., Choi, M.Y. (2011).

  Exploratory Study on Foreign Business Knowledge of Internationalized Korean Textile/Apparel Firms.

  Journal of economy and Business, 6(2), 95-117.

- Choo, H.J., Yoon, N.H. (2011).

  The Effects of Use Satisfaction and Consumer Innovativeness on the Active Smartphone-Use Behavior.

  Journal of Marketing Management Research, 16(4), 153-176. 

- Kim, H.S., Jun, D.G., & Choo, H.J. (2011).

  The Effect of Salesperson’s Self Efficacy and Work Overload on Emotional Labor and the Mediating Role of Emotion. 

  Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 35(10), 1150-1160.

- Lee, M.A., Choo, H.J., & Ahn, M.A. (2011).

  The Effect of Physical Attractiveness of Fitting Model: Focusing on the Dual Paths of Psychological Distance

  and Identification. Journal of Consumer Studies, 22(3), 57-82.

- Choo, H.J., Yoon, N.H. (2011).

  The Effects of Mobile Using Benefits and Costs on the Self-Connection with Mobile Device:

  Comparing Between Mobile Fashion Application. Journal of Consumer Studies, 22(2), 227-252.

- Kim, H.S., Moon, H.K., Choo, H.J., & Yoon, N.H. (2011).

  The Effect of Fashion Luxury Consumption Values on the Intention to Maintain Brand Relationships-Differences

  among Segmented Markets. Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 35(4), 408-420.

- Kim, E.K., Shin, J.E., Choo, H.J., & Lee, K.H. (2011).

  Influence of college students’ gender and relationship status on their clothing purchase process.

  International Journal of Costume and Fashion, 11(1), 35-52.

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