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Research Articles

- Lee, E.J., Choo, H.J., & Lee, M.A. (2014).

  Impact of Online Communities' Characteristic on Community Trust and Information Acceptance -Focus on   

  Online  Wedding Communities for Unmarried Females in their 20s and 30s-.

  Fashion & Textile Research Journal, 16(2), 208-217. 


- Yun, S.J., Jung, H.I., Choo, H.J., & Jeoung, S.W. (2014).

  Study on the Characteristics of Fashion Leaders in College Clubs' Fashion Networks.

  Journal of the Korean Society of Costume, 14(1), 1-15.

- Yoon, N.H., Choo, H.J., & Choi, M.Y. (2014). 

  Green Management Practice in Fashion Industry. Journal of Korea Design Forum, 43, 73-84.

- Choo, H.J., Sim, S.Y., Lee, H.K., & Kim, H.B. (2014).

  The effect of consumers’ Involvement and innovativeness on the utilization of fashion wardrobe.

  International Journal of Consumer Studies, 38, 175-182. 


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