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- Hyesun, Shin (2015).

  The impact of Consumer Emtoion and Psychological Reactance under Stockouts in Online Fashion Store.

  Master's  degree thesis


- Hee Jin, Hur (2015).

  Fashion Product for Self-gift: Self-gift motivation effect. Master's degree thesis


- Hyo Jeong, Kang (2015).

  The Effect of Flattering Fitting room Enviroment on Purchasing behavior. Master's degree thesis


- Hye-In Jung (2014).

  The Impact of Fashion Store Crowding and Physical Attractiveness of Other Customer on Emotional and Behavioral 

  Response. Master's degree thesis


- Hyunjin, Kwon (2014).

  The Effect of Boredom on Clothing Disposal Behavior. Master's degree thesis


- Gahoi, Kim (2014). 

  The Effect of Mobile Location-based Fashion Advertising on Consumer Response.  Master's degree thesis


- Beibei, Chen  (2014).

  The Effect of Korean media content consumption on attitudes and purchase intentions toward Korean fashion

  prouducts of Chinese young women. Master's degree thesis.


- Habin, Kim (2013). 

  The Effects of Social Clue on Purchase Intention in Social Commerce. Master's degree thesis


- Do Yuon, Kim (2013).

  Switching Intention of Fashion Product Consumers in Department Store -Mediating Role of Commitment.  

  Master's degree thesis 


- Minah, An (2012).

  Influence on Bad Customer Behavior on Justice Perception toward Fashion Store . Master's degree thesis


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