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Fashion Industry Analysis

< A study on Business Model Innovation(BMI) for fashion corporations in on-offline convergence environments: From BMI categorization to a new business model proposition for small & micro entrepreneur >

The fourth industrial revolution heralds a series of social, cultural and industrial upheavals that will unfold over the 21st century. It delivers next generation flexibility, connectivity and efficiency to today’s existing business infrastructure at a global scale.


This research aims...

1. To inspect innovative elements and outcomes in corporate business models that are rapidly changing in on-offline convergence environment by quantitative and qualitative research.

2. To draw and propose a new business model for small & micro startups.

3-Year Research Plan






Relationship Model

New Business Model for small&Micro Start-ups

In the first year, a case study is used to derive the principal components of the BMI and to categorize the BMI based on the components.

In the second year, empirical data will be used to identify the components of the main variables derived in the first year. Also, the data will be used to establish a relationship model between BMI components and corporate performance.

In the third year, a new business model is planned to be built based on BMI derived from the second year study, which is suitable for small fashion businesses. 

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