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About FAMA Fashion Marketing Lab

Fashion Marketing Laboratory of Seoul National University aims to foster professional marketers,

and conducts research to deepen the understanding of fashion product sales environment through analyzing  consumer behavior. For fashion products, both social and psychological satisfaction are important.


Therefore, Fashion Marketing Lab studies socio-psychological aspects of apparel

and explores fashion consumer behavior characteristics to cultivate abilities that are crucial in

planning, manufacturing, and distributing fashion products that meet the consumer needs.



1. To explain the social phenomena that appear as trends by revealing

    various characteristics of fashion trend in the society.

2. To offer information that are useful to fashion companies in terms of trademark strategy and

     market segmentation through investigating fashion product consumer behavior.



Fashion Marketing   ㅣ   Fashion Market Research   ㅣ   Global Fashion Business




Research Methods in Clothing and Textiles   ㅣ   Advanced Research Methods in Clothing and Textiles


Special Topics in Fashion Marketing  ㅣ  Cultural Aspects of Clothing  ㅣ  Advanced Fashion Marketing

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