Dept. Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design, College of Human Ecology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 151-742 

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서울시 관악구 관악로 1 서울대학교 생활과학대학 의류학과 패션마케팅 연구실 222동 303호 (151-742)  l  Tel: 02-880-8769  l  Fax: 02-875-8359

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Fashion Marketing Laboratory of Seoul National University aims to foster professional marketers, and conducts research to deepen the understanding of fashion product sales environment through analyzing  consumer behavior.


For fashion products, both social and psychological satisfaction are important.

Therefore, Fashion Marketing Lab studies socio-psychological aspects of apparel and explores fashion consumer behavior characteristics to cultivate abilities that are crucial in planning, manufacturing, and distributing fashion products that meet the consumer needs.







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